Rescue of my Walking Onions

Ah yes … further hurricane victims were discovered.
My poor Egyptian Walking Onions, once self-procreating and supplying me with small flavorful bulbs and greens, simply couldn’t walk (or even run) fast enough to avoid Hurricane Matthew. He must have mercilessly hammered them and I’ve been left with a flattened mini onion field.

Ok, all things happen for a reason, right? I’ll accept Ma Nature’s action, maybe she thought I had become complacent with my teeny-weeny onion field and they needed to be spread out and become onion fields in different spots. I salvaged as many bulbils as I could find and for now they will grow in “seed-pots”.

They’re just babies.  They can’t walk yet. I know they can survive winter chill but at this young age they will be pampered a little.

1 week old

1 week old

It’s been a week since they showed tiny green spots indicating that they were still alive. Even with perennials, I think a little bit of coddling sometimes does help.

They can't walk yet but ...

They can’t walk yet but …

They will not walk and spread themselves during the 1st year but like a toddler, come year 2 they will be ready to walk & spread themselves again. I will in turn make sure they are growing in “fields” located East, West and South of my little plot of land. It’s nice to have a forever supply.


2 responses to “Rescue of my Walking Onions

  1. Hi, This coming to you from Canada, originally from KL. I happened to check about geese via Google came across your post re Penang and your feeding some geese. Great pics. Enjoyed reading your very eloquent postings.
    And this the first time I read about Egyptian walking onions. Now will go read about them.

    Nice to know you originally from Singapore. Have always loved visiting there, for the food as well entertainment. Love Penang too.
    You have a nice day.
    Best regards,


    • Thanks for your very kind comment.
      KL, my old haunt, IMHO actually has/had better food than S’pore. In the ancient days when I roamed the Old Regent/Sg Wang area & later Bt Bintang & Mid-Valley not forgetting PJ, I’ve never been disappointed. But so much has changed ~ it might be a good excuse to meet old classmates there again next year. 🙂


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