Due to Dew

Each morning, I take a slow walk around, checking my cool-weather vegetables’  growth, yes, I talk to them, tell them they’re looking just fine and to keep growing for me … their mama. Today, I had my cup of coffee in 1 hand and my cellphone in the other, having just answered an early call (with time difference) from my close friend in Malaysia… so I decided to simply take a photo of Nature’s different components ~ separated but joined.


Morning Dew

Could this be 2 forms of matter, with different densities, brought together at just the right temperature? They split boundaries yet stay connected; are they linked by a few bonded atoms? I’m no Physics expert, I just see them each morning and am always awed by what Mother Nature can do.


One response to “Due to Dew

  1. Love following your post. You have such interesting insights into everything around you.


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