There’s a first time for everything, right?
Well, today it’s the first time I’m seeing, that for almost 4 hours, the bees were simply busy buzzing around as if they were ‘beewildered’. They did not swarm (thank goodness!) and were not in an angry attack mode either.

The above is Hive 1 and in Hive 2 below, the same was happening.

Does the Moon affect the Bees? Today is supposed to be the Moon’s Perigee i.e. its point of orbit is closest to Earth. Is that the cause of their frenzy?


2 responses to “Bee-wildered

  1. Wow!! I’m bee-wildered and you must be feeling swarmed up by the buzzing. How exciting is this! Yayyyy you arw bringing more bees back! 😊😊😊

    Must be the moon too. 😜

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    • It was just strange but thank goodness everything is back to normal. I have become a bee lover; they are just beautiful creatures. Now I know they get bouts of moon madness. 😉


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