Social Media Detoxification

Yes, I actually went on this stretch of social media shut-off to simply see if I am/was an addict. I must admit I was certainly heading in that direction so I did some serious thinking.

The first thing I did, without hesitation, was to remove the Facebook app from my tablet. I use that tiny tablet as my news(paperless)paper so it does get turned on each morning while coffee is brewing, but I couldn’t find a good reason why Facebook and Whatsapp had to be on it … so I did, in a way, make myself less in touch with some ‘Friends’ (people or robots whom I’ve never met, don’t know what they look like, sound like, like or dislike, etc).

My cellphone was the next device that got cleaned up a little. There’s absolutely no need for Facebook & its notification to be there either. Whatsapp is on for contact with family and good, close friends and I feel my contact list still needs some cleaning up. Yes, I’ve even tried AppDetox-Digital Detox from Google Play (BUT I must say, try at your own risk).

“Does it feel better?” I keep asking myself and each time comes a clear “yes!” because I do feel lighter, less loaded with beeps and tweets. No need to read about what was had for breakfast, no need to like and reply “the red dress suits you better than the green one”, the list goes on …

Ah yes, my laptop ~ I decided to allocate 1 hr for reading and replying to personal email each time I plonked myself down on seat in the evening. OK, confession time ~ I did spend a few hours doing some Amazon & Ebay shopping for presents but my consolation is that it saved me some gas money and heck! I think it would have taken just as long if not longer heading to the Mall and buying them physically. So I call that useful surfing. 😉

It is now a Digital Era with further development to come, that I cannot avoid or deny but I think a Digital Detox-Spa (that’s my nickname for it) once in a while does help to bring my life and immediate environment back to perspective and revive real-life people connectivity.



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