Passionfruit+Banana = Good Blend

In the last fortnight, even with 2 chill spells, our Passiflora Incarnata vines just happily stayed green and gave us some superb fruits. They do not need to be picked because when fully ripened, they simply fall off the vine. I just need to pay ‘ground attention’.

A constant supply ...

A constant supply … different colored Passionfruit

Just leave them for a few days till the skin gets crinkled then those are the best for eating. Rich in Vitamins C & A and one of the superb breakfasts I have concocted so far is the Passionana Mix.

Recipe: 1 super ripe Passionfruit ~ cut open preferably with kitchen cutters to prevent mess.

Snip open tough peel

Snip open tough peel

Cut 1 Banana & put it in a blender-cup. Scoop out Passionfruit pulp and add to cut Banana.

Passionfruit & Banana in blender

Passionfruit & Banana in blender

Pour Soy Milk to approximately 1/2 blender-cup full or more according to taste and hunger level. (Optional: add ground Moringa leaves.)

Adding some Moringa nutrition

Adding some Moringa nutrition

Bend them all up till nice and creamy; then top with 2 tablespoons of muesli.

Topped with Muesli

Topped with Muesli

Just stir and eat out of blender cup – yum! yum! Fortunately I do not have a sweet tooth anymore (just 1 bite of a hyper-sweet gas station fruitcake killed my love for sweet stuff 8 years ago … ah, but that’s a different story) so with cup in hand I can have my morning “backyard-walkaround” breakfast and take stock of what to harvest and which seeds to further sow. :mrgreen:

A teaspoon of honey might help, for anyone who needs a bit of sweety taste.

Passionfruit still in good supply

Passionfruit still in good supply

My next backyard-produce concoction will be a Passionana Loaf … oh yes, I’m still learning to eat what’s in season and fortunately it is getting less and less difficult. (Thank goodness this winter has so far not been chilly enough to kill/spoil our Banana trees and fruit bunches.)





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