New Neighbors of Color

We have new neighbors! The colorful kind ~ ah yes, a new couple ~ I call them the ‘new birds on the block’ and they’re the Painted Bunting Family.  I first saw them a week ago but *sigh* had no camera in hand.

This morning, as I quietly sat by the back patio steps, Mr. P. Bunting came for his breakfast.

The Painted Bunting

The Painted Bunting

We made eye contact.

We made eye contact.

Is that an element of trust?

Is that showing a little bit of trust?

To me, he simply looks like an artist’s painting palette. In the days to come I hope Mrs. Bunting joins him for breakfast and allows her photo to be taken.


4 responses to “New Neighbors of Color

  1. What a pretty little thing! Are they 2 newbirds on the block making that part their home now?

    P.S: Just noticed you changed the picture of your blog on the top. Flats that are uniquely Singapore. Where could that be? Pandan Gardens? AMK? Buona Vista?

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