Do Birds Kiss?

Life is a learning experience and today I learned that birds do kiss.
I actually saw them in action with my own eyes … and on a camera screen. It all happened during lunch and yes, while I ate (& watched), they flirted.

Love birds (not the Agaponis species)

Love birds (not the Agapornis species) – just birds in love on our arbor.

Can't tell the male & female

I can’t tell which is male/female but …

Aren’t they A Good Match?
(How can I not join in this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge when it entails a matching subject?)

They kissed!

… and kiss they did!

Peck after peck...

Peck after peck… (pardon the pun)

Since it has been warmer than usual, they probably think Spring has sprung though officially it’s still winter until March 20th. Now, the thing to watch for is a Love Nest & hopefully hear some ‘chirpy chirpy cheep cheep’.


2 responses to “Do Birds Kiss?

  1. Pekebun now make a nest for them in your Great Garden. They do kiss and that is why they have their offspring.
    I have been meeting you after a long time. Lot has happened on my Blog. I welcome you with warmth.

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  2. Thanks Shiva. Heading your way later.


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