Fruity Seed-starting Pots

Our Passionfruit (Passiflora Incarnata) harvesting season is coming to its close. It has been a good stretch with fruits galore. The tough rind has been put in bokashi bins, compost bins and cut up, then put in the worm bin as feed.

Their latest use has been as seed-starting pots. Just like papier mache seed-starting pots, which is composted to become “soil”, Passionfruit rind will do likewise so why not try them for a new function?

Pole beans in their “new” seed-starting pots.

Germination has begun …

They sprouted healthily.

Whole ‘pots’ went into soil once cotyledons appeared

They seem happy 😀

There will be a few more ‘fruity seed-starting pots’ available once we cut up the remaining Passionfruits on our kitchen counter to be preserved for future devouring.

Yum-yum! Every part gets used.


One response to “Fruity Seed-starting Pots

  1. Seed pots – what an excellent idea. I can’t wait to move into our new home (April), so that I can take out my bokashi bins and start the new compost hole for my herb garden. So many good foodstuffs are being thrown away needlessly and I will love getting my fingers in the soil again.

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