Singapore’s Thieves’ Market

Soon to disappear, Singapore’s “Thieves’ Market” was a place I decided to visit, not having been there for at least 20 years. It has since shrunk to a fraction of its original size with parts fenced off and shipping container type of offices, usually set up by construction companies, next to the roads.

Not all items are thieves’ haul, this whole “mart” is more like a Rag-&-Bone (wo)mens’ meeting ground. What is sold simply does not involve inventory or stock taking, I’m sure.

1 of the entrances

No window dressing – WYSIWYG…

Goodluck kitties, cooking pot, electric cord, garments …

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

These 1851 US Dollar coins are actually “fantasy coins” – did not exist in that era, is of no monetary value and Made in China – I kid you not.

Packed up to go. Whether this vendor will return to set up store tomorrow is anyone’s guess.

Another local feature is disappearing… is this because of progress? I don’t know, but it just saddens me that each time I’m back, I learn that change is occurring at a faster pace than the last visit.


One response to “Singapore’s Thieves’ Market

  1. This place has been such nostalgia! I didn’t know it’s gonna be gone…:(


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