Shallot Buds and Blooms

Almost everyone eats Onions … except some vegans and staunch Buddhists.
Every supermarket, wet-market, sundry store (as we call them in SE Asia) sells Onions ~ red onions, sweet white onions, yellow onions, bunching onions, etc.

But do consumers/gardeners bother growing onions? If they do, do they buy onion sets or seeds for each year’s planting? I’ve tried many ways of regrowing from store bought ones and nursery cultivated ones but they only reproduce for 1 season. As I do not have enough space all kinds of onions, I’ve concentrated on 2 which I really like and use often – Shallots and Walking Onions, encouraging them to reproduce themselves continuously.

An earlier post shows the seeds from the Shallot parents but this Spring I’ve decided to share some photos of Shallot buds and blooms which if one actually observes, goes through beautiful stages of Ma Nature’s work-of-art and creation.

Allow a few to live their 2-yr lifespan & buds will appear in the 2nd Spring.

Nicely packaged bunch of buds.

The 1st bloom (or the eldest child so to speak).

Each flower has 6 Petals and 6 Stamens with pollen covered Anthers.

Deep within each flower is a Locule with Ovaries

More flowers bloom each day.

Almost all in bloom awaiting Pollinators

A Pollinator caught in action!

Soon it will re-seed and re-produce ~ just like Ma Nature intended ~ continuing its species when given the chance to.



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