Hash House Harriers ~ Please Be Aware

Yes, it will be forever … “ON ON!”

The HHH is a fascinating group of fun trail runners now spread out globally. It began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the early 1930’s when a group of British residents decided to have some fun and began this kind of fun-run which ended with some nice cold beer and lots of laughter. Read the History of the HHH.

Now sadly, Harriers, I think you will have to change your marking material &/or avoid going through any urban areas with crowds and heavy foot-traffic. I’ve attached a Link to a TODAY news article of a recent incident in Singapore. Why on earth choose a running trail to go through a Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) station is beyond me.

Photo borrowed from news channel

Use a whole toilet roll or a couple of carrots tied together or some peas, even luminous thick bio-degradable bands but please … no more white flour! White powder is not cool anymore.

So, fellow HHH runners in Singapore and elsewhere please play it safe with markers and re-think your routes.

“ON ~ ON … “


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