Hay, Hay, Hay, it’s Magic… ♪

It’s that time of the year.
It’s time to “repair” the path around the house and we use hay. So I drove to a feed-shop (yes, not a home repair or DIY store) to get my fix-it material. For USD8.50 a year, which is the cost of a bale of hay ~ half laid on now & half for filling up later when needed, how wrong can you get?

2″ of spread out hay

No needle in this haystack, hay path, whatever you may call it…

I am no guru of Permaculture but I’ve come to the conclusion that trial and error is the best means to find out what works (& what doesn’t) on one’s own miniscule plot of land. So far, our hay path works well. :mrgreen:


5 responses to “Hay, Hay, Hay, it’s Magic… ♪

  1. I like your hay path! Our son studied Permaculture in Austin and Santa Fe and we found it very interesting! He also attended a month long workshop in Oregon on sustainable living!

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    • Wow! I’m jealous. Any advice your son can render will be appreciated. I’m a follower of David Holmgren & I would love to develop a self-sustaining food forest but given raw fill-dirt after we built our house, it’s been a double challenge. 🙂

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      • I will check and see what books we have that our son used in his classes. Sadly, we lost him in a car accident when he was 26. He was driving to our farm before returning to Austin and it was raining…another vehicle lost control and hit him head-on. So sorry to tell you a sad story, but we have a strong faith and he had some really wonderful opportunities. He had great plans for our family farm and the unusual plant life and trees near a creek. My husband and I plus our daughter and son-in-law are working to carry out his hopes and dreams. We live in the Dallas area, but spend as much time as possible at our farm! I really will look for books etc. We would love to give them to someone interested in the same endeavor!


        • I’m so sorry. It really saddens me to hear/read stories of lost children & siblings because I lost a brother I never knew. I really hope that the plans your son had will materialize. It will indeed make his vision of a down-to-earth farm become a reality.

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          • Thank you for your reply! Yes…it is sad, but we had to figure out ways to put our lives back together and find our smiles again! We are looking forward to our first grandchild now and making plans to remodel the farmhouse. Our farm is in East Texas… lots of beautiful pine trees and rolling hills…we have several pastures. My father-in-law had a dairy for many years on the original part of the farm…thus, the pastures! When land became available next to us, we were able to purchase it. That is the part of the land that interested our son the most. We had always had access to the land that we bought due to the generosity of the owners. We purchased it to honor our son’s memory and to keep the endangered species of plant life safe. We have made many trails through the woods and nice wooden bridges over the creek. Exciting!


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