A Hive of Activity ~ Beesy, Beesy

We were little worried last week about our busy clumping bees. It wasn’t the usual buzzing around when some housekeeping, or should I say hivekeeping, is in operation. They were just in a cluster which, since it’s Spring, made us wonder if they were prepared to swarm.

Preparing to Swarm???

DH decided to do a quick check ~ to see if it was their space or their population growth that might have contributed to this clump being formed.

Checking the top bar hive.

It was actually quite “full” of comb (both honey and brood) so he added a few new bars and removed some boards, giving them more room to make new comb.

Quick inspection & remedial action done.

Notice in the top photo that an entrance has a stopper. When the hive was young & new combs were being built, space and doorway guidance were helpful, so 2 openings were sufficient, but now …

It’s time to give them full access to the entire hive. The queen bee has built her colony. Off came the 🚫 stopper!

Their new gateway…

Like all new trails, or a more apt term beelines, only a few brave apidae souls were willing to try this entrance to see what laid within. It took a couple hours but I guess by fellow buzzword, they felt comfortable and many did eventually go in to check their new space.

No more entrance crowding.

Entrance 1 & 2 still preferred but that’s OK.

A relief for us (for them too I’m sure).
We need to watch closely now as they will have some honey to share soon but we will make sure that only the surplus is removed and the brood comb is left undisturbed.



5 responses to “A Hive of Activity ~ Beesy, Beesy

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  2. Wow! That’s amazing. Your brood is growing! 🙂

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  3. I find bee keeping absolutely fascinating! I am so glad you saved your hive by expanding it. Bee’s are so vital to our food production! Thank you for being a part of that!

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    • Yes, we had to do quick research when bees 1st came & set up hive in our rain barrel cabinet. I don’t use pesticides so it’s really a good feeling watching them buzzing around the blooms helping to ‘create’ loquats, luffa, eggplants, etc., working hard with those pollen bags on their hind legs. They’re really sweet little things (pun intended). 😉

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