Asparagus from Seeds

I have read ample articles of growing Asparagus up north (Washington, New Jersey & Massachusetts) with most gardeners attempting to grow them in Central Florida stating that they simply won’t tolerate our warm weather. Those growing them also claim that it would be best to start with ‘crowns’. My 1st attempt had my ‘crowns’ disappearing in the ground.

Well, in February last year, when I found packets of Asparagus seeds in Orlando’s mini-Vietnam, I decided to try planting this perennial green again, in my backyard. Having never seen an Asparagus ‘plant’ before, I wasn’t even sure if what grew in that allocated area were actual Asparagus seedlings or simply ferny-looking weeds.

Edible shoots will take about 3 years to appear ~ so growers say ~ but I took the gamble as they may provide me with seasonal greens for over a decade!

Asparagus “weed” of sort.

But they did produce some very pretty flowers, which unless one grows them, no one actually gets to see them.

Tiny Asparagus blooms.

Tiny but eye-catching.

15 months after my 2nd attempt, the “weed” patch is finally showing me that what I am growing, is actually Asparagus Officinalis.

The Proof.

They may presently be small and skinny, should be allowed to grow and preferably not harvested till year 3, but actually seeing real Asparagus shoots is such joy.

1st year’s growth ~ from seeds! ~ not too bad …

So now, these weedy looking greens will be pampered and carefully coddled in hope for many years of fresh Asparagus from the garden, to the kitchen, to the table.


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