Butterflies Are Free

Many years ago, I saw a movie titled Butterflies Are Free starring Edward Albert and Goldie Hawn. I’ve never forgotten that title or the song in the movie.
“Open up my spirits wide and let them go
I will take tomorrow’s wings and fly
Nothing’s gonna keep me off that glory road
And when that wild wind blows I’m gonna ride…”

Each time I now see the formation of a beautiful butterfly ~ that song just comes to mind. I’ve grown patient. Yes, I will wait, observe each day, but patiently wait.

Right outside my back door, in permaculture zone 1, on my Dillweed …

Very young caterpillar I spotted at night (while out to cut some chives).

It enjoyed munching on my Dillweed and I enjoyed watching it grow.

A few days later.

Oh what Beauty!

Then, when it felt just right, with Mother Nature’s guidance (no parent needed), it just built its own privacy cocoon.

Look at the 2 support/suspension strands.

How did it know that 2 suspension strands were needed? At what angle was its hibernation abode supposed to be? Did it have a design blueprint for its temporary apartment? It knew.
Each morning I watched, wondering if it knew that someone was spying on its metamorphosis ~ I think it did. This morning, there it was …

Wing drying in the morning sun.

It did not mind me walking around, closely eyeing it in awe. I even went as close as 10″ from its wings, out of curiosity, and it stayed put, perhaps knowing I would do no harm.

Out of abode.

I wished it well and bade it “Goodbye”.  After all ~ Butterflies are Free.
Then it took off but left a token of remembrance.

The adult has left behind an empty “nest”.


2 responses to “Butterflies Are Free

  1. It was a very beautiful caterpillar and very much a lovely looking butterfly. So cool that you caught all that! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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