Pandan Growth Gusto

The Pandanus Amaryllifolius (not any other Screwpine) ~ Pandan for short breaks into a growth gusto when Spring is about to turn to Summer. It must feel like the Tropics to them so ‘babies’ and aerial roots appear at a crazy rate.

This is the time to carefully check between leaves because unless you separate the leaves and inspect, chances are, small young plants will not be seen until too late ~ dehydrated and stunted. Cut the long leaves hiding them if required, be merciless, as the ‘babies’ need light and growth space.

Pandan “babies” just springing up from parent plant and leaves cut off giving them breathing space.

A thick healthy root is about to spring forth.

When that healthy root grows up to 2″, it will be ideal to remove the baby plant from the parent to have more subaerial roots develop in water.

With so many leaves cut off today, what do I do with them?

Pandan leaves in hand.

Too lazy for creative thinking … just encase and bake the usual Pandan Wrapped Chicken. I use an air-oven and the scent from the Pandan actually acts somewhat like aromatherapy, reminding me so much of the ambience of homes in Singapore.

Wrapped chicken in air-oven.




2 responses to “Pandan Growth Gusto

  1. Hi there can i buy one pandan plant from you pls i have pandan plant bought from wellspring garden few years ago but never smelled like pandan i was looking desperately for this plant, i live in fl too, if you don’t want to sell where did you buy yours? Pls let me know thank u so much


    • I got some young shoots from an Asian grocery store & decided to try growing them instead. If you are FL they will grow very well & these smell so good I even use them as car air freshener 🙂 I don’t sell but would love to do plant/seed swap. PM me.


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