Extreme Makeover

No, not mine. 😀
Each time I “follow” a Ladybug/Ladybird who has comfortably made herself at home, close to the backyard patio, I watch in fascination a real live extreme makeover.

Out of an egg comes an odd looking being …

I don’t mind it looking kind of ugly as it eats aphids non-stop, but it soon changes shape. From a longish, spiky, caterpillar looking being to an ovalish humpback-like beetle.

Then it morphs and changes form again. When ready, it simply cracks open and emerges from its exoskeleton! Mother Nature makes over beings of her choice. Oh, what beauty!


One response to “Extreme Makeover

  1. So cool to see the transformation before your eyes like that! How longmust have you been staring at it while it underwent a metamorphosis? 😉


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