♫ Are you going to San Francisco…

… be sure to wear some flowers in your hair …

Ah yes, that beautiful song by Scott McKenzie.

The Hippie Movement has always intrigued me. The flower children advocating peace and love, dressing differently and creating a new form of ‘psychedelic’ music which literally changed cultures and lifestyles for the young, all over the world. I think I would have happily been a hippie but unfortunately was born in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Oh well, no harm then visiting the site where early hippies hung out and began their love trips. (Better late than Never.)

Haight-Ashbury ~ where it all began

When the influx of young ones, also known as Hippies, began growing for their Summer of Love event, Haight-Ashbury soon became known as “Hashbury”. Even today, it is so appropriate and in my humble opinion, it’s a very sweet nickname. 😆

The scent/aroma was just there! It made me wonder if I would feel the effect of the second-hand smoke (not that I’m complaining).

Jimi Hendrix lived at 1524 Haight Street

It would have been a bonus if some ‘smoke shop’ had played Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze while I strolled by.

I think the Hippies are now treasured in the area (whether for economic or historic reasons) their taste of music and attire are simply preserved… even their mode of transport.
“Hashbury” has become a tourist attraction and that is so much better than letting it die off into the unknown. The shops that sell Hippie attire look strange but familiar to me. On the one hand their ware & wear do look like what I can find in Little India in Singapore but there is this slight element of Bohemian touch that adds intrigue to the final pairing/combination.

Hippie Ware and Wear

So now that I’ve walked through the street(s) where Hippie culture originated, do I still feel I would have been happier as a Hippie while in my youth than the one I’ve lived through?  Maybe. Now, the wondering will be more subtle ~ I’ve seen the scene, so curiosity has somewhat dwindled.
I’m back to normal.



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