Singapore – No, it is not a part of China!

I have been asked many times “Which part of China is Singapore?”
Even a Social Security employee (many years ago) took the liberty of adding the word “China” to my application form without asking me. Fortunately I  corrected her in 2 seconds, telling her that Singapore is an independent republic, 3 hours flying-time away from the southern most point of China.
Does that surprise you, my fellow readers?

Well, now that an important summit of the US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is being held there, with over 3,000 journalists covering this piece of news being physically in Singapore and a spike in Google Search for Singapore’s location … I think I will now be relieved of the “China probe” when asked where I am originally from. (Yippee!!)

If you want to know where Singapore is, click Google Map and add to its Search statistic.

Yes, I have been resting my fingers from blogging but I simply am unable to resist posting this.  I am after all a true blood Singaporean and proud of it.



4 responses to “Singapore – No, it is not a part of China!

  1. I’m surprised that so many people think Singapore is part of China. I didn’t know that was even a thing until i spoke to alot of British people overseas!


    • British people! That’s even more disturbing as we were under British rule, but thanks for letting me know that point. I’m looking forward to hearing “Singapore? Isn’t that where President Trump met with Mr Kim?” 😀

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  2. Quite surprised. Can’t imagine the people from Singapore liking it much….

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    • People living in Singapore are always shaking their heads when they read/heard about “being in China”. I think many (especially those working in large global companies) have given up. Those of us living overseas, we have got a memorized script to repeat often that we are a republic, 3hrs flying time from the closest point in China. 😆

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