Is this an Omen?

Frankly, I don’t know.
On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, we took a local bus to old San Juan and walked the tourist walk which was very enjoyable.

Yes, we saw the old streets and walked amongst the pigeons,

passed some very meaningful historic statues like LaRogativa,

I even took note of some nice street drain covers,

and the beautiful multi-coloured houses of La Perla. Did they all survive Hurricane Irma? I don’t know but I hope so.

and then the strangest thing happened.

From afar, I saw a nun with a trolley disposing garbage. I smiled and waved; she waved back. Then her hand began indicated “come”, not the single finger movement but the whole right hand with 4 fingers in a come-over gesture.

The Nun

We went towards her – uphill – and got an invitation to enter a discreet building which turned out to be a hospital. Then a senior very friendly lady (gut instinct told me she’s Mother Superior) in street clothes met us and wanted to show us around.  We walked through the courtyard and I could just feel this presence ~ of genuine care, serenity and strength of healing.

The courtyard

I took no pictures of the ward, the patients, or the lady-in-charge out of utmost respect of privacy.  Then we entered a chapel, an unbelievably beautiful chapel … it was as if we had stepped into a scene in the movies…

Is this an omen?


3 responses to “Is this an Omen?

  1. I’m not sure what your question means..?


    • Omen: a sign of a future event.
      There were no tourists or even locals there, only patients, nuns & medical practitioners. Why were we invited in, shown around, even led into a private chapel where a nun was at the organ?
      Is it a sign that we will be returning for a more meaningful visit?
      Or am I going to be called to work on a mobile medical unit?
      Or am I about to be hit with guilt and attend church more often?
      Anything goes … I’m still pondering …

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      • Ah, okay — thank you for explaining. You know, it could certainly be ANY of those things, couldn’t it? I think, for now, it was a lovely hello from the Lord (and his sisters and workers, who may be wondering why they were inviting you in, but trusting it, because it was a nudge from Him). I’m glad you shared.,and not only because we have a tendency to forget Puerto Rico’s long, long struggle, especially hard these days.


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