It’s been a Long, Hot (& Dry) Summer

It’s been warmer than usual and the plants are not happy (at all)!
Global warming? Who knows … I’m not an expert and only exist on this nano spec of the globe with a backyard that has been and is still being roasted.

I chose the lesser of 2 “evils” … let everything grow, like a wild forest, because if the tall ones can survive the heat, they’ll provide the lower plants some shade.

It’s just wild!

It’s a real forest.

Survival of the Fittest.

The harvest has not been good either ~ oh! those poor plants ~ but …
all is not lost. The dry heat did produce some

Sweet Banana Peppers

a few Eggplants (though smaller that usual)

some Capsicums

Long Beans, Green

and Red ones too.

Time to check my seeds and hope Mother Nature will let Fall come soon to cool things down a little.


2 responses to “It’s been a Long, Hot (& Dry) Summer

  1. Yeah, it’s too hot to grow anything right now. Thanks for the rain that sustains the plants and cool off the summer heat.


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