Beauty and The Bees

In early August, we decided it was time for another annual Honey Harvest.
(Did it in August too, in 2017)

They have been busy buzzing but have not swarmed so we felt they, or I should say ‘the queen’, is contented with the location of the hive*.
(There’s a reason why we were watching that factor, keep reading.)

The honey harvest was scheduled, weather permitted so we got going.

The smoking began

Each bar was carefully inspected when removed.

The bees were gently brushed off.

Combs were cut off into a bucket which got immediately covered thereafter.

Oh, they knew …

We made sure we only harvested a small fraction of what was there. They will have time to make more for their needs in winter but why take more than we will use in a year?

As is, from the 6 bars that were “harvested” we ended up with 11 lbs of pure Honey.

Aren’t they just beautiful?

The Honey Harvest worked as planned but …

We felt we needed to move the hive because with the housing boom, a builder/developer might decide to take action on the plot of land close to the hive. There, a potential mishap could work both ways ~ accidental destruction of our hive or fluky stinging of workers ~ resulting in (I’d call it) calamity!

We hoped their ‘anger’ at the loss of comb and honey would subside after some time. So the waiting began … 1 week … 2 weeks … 3 weeks, all seemed to have calmed down.

The calm before the move.

August 28th, as the sun was setting and the bees began their quietude, we gently sprayed some water over the hive’s entrance, cajoling them to enter the hive, corked their entryway and cautiously (me hoping not to fall over) moved the hive to a “new” spot which is about 25ft away and on 4ft higher ground. We removed the corks hoped for the best.

Old and new locations.

The next couple of days had some workers a little confused and we saw them hovering around the old location, probably wondering if their compass/GPS might be a little out of sync. Then all went back to normal. I guess the queen did not complain to her workers about the move.

It’s been a month now and they seem to have settled down. We now get to literally see the birds (on the bird feeder) and the bees in our front yard, while sitting in the porch area.

♫ Let me tell you ’bout the birds and the bees ~ and the flowers and the trees… ♪  ~ Dean Martin


2 responses to “Beauty and The Bees

  1. I love the shape of the frames. Any improvement over the rectangular?


    • We chose the Top Bar Hive over the Langstroth Hive because it would be easier to check/monitor since it was going to be just a hobby. No lifting of boxes and no comb foundation within – just allowing the bees to build their comb naturally at their pace in whatever direction they choose. We also had spare wood that could be used to simply build each frame. 🙂

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