… just my long soliloquy

I am only a novice gardener, trying my best to grow a mini food forest ~ Asian, Middle Eastern & Local ~ whatever plants, perennial or seasonal, with edible Roots, Fruits or Greens that is growable in Zone 9B.  I no longer live in the Tropics in Asia BUT I do know how to prepare Asian food & am now learning American recipes using vegetables which I grow.
 Result:  Fusion Food like  Collard Greens Sushi


Kohlrabi Lodeh & Kohlrabi Slaw.

Yes, I like the Best of Whole World   😀

I always remind myself ~ My aim is to have a Food Forest, not some fancy English lawn, so skip the water guzzling grass & fancy flower garden.

(For fellow bloggers’ information)
UPDATE: I am a Nyonya.
In short, the definition of Nyonya is the female (while the male is Baba) of the Straits-born Chinese group of people. We are an inter-cultural, inter-racial, inter-religious mix of peoples that became known as Peranakan and we have somehow cooked up this unique language of a bit of “this & that” which is now known as the Baba Patois.

Along the way we have also cooked up (and that’s real kitchen cooking) dishes that are unique ~ known as the Nyonya Cuisine.

A more detailed definition with history can be found HERE.