I have been to Bangkok many times but I’m never bored there. There’s always something different. something new, to see, to do, to eat …. U-name-it.  😀


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand with over 8 million people, sits on the delta of the Chao Phraya River. On one side lays the majestic 17th century temple, Wat Arun, and on the other, lay Bangkok’s “river slum”. They both exist in peaceful harmony.


Khlongkids Happy children always bring me joy & these happy guys were just ‘people & boat watching’ on their personal jetty. Cool or what?!

Ronald McDonald, of course, has a couple of his ThaiMac2“Fingers in the (Thai) Pie”. He even greets with a “Wai” ~ 2 palms pressed together. This ancient greeting symbolizes ‘See? no weapons in my hand’.

Advert on headwear … cool!

 No words needed to selltuktuk

 How can one visit Bangkok without visiting a Floating Market?FloatingMkt