A divers’ favorite … 

The island is literally made up of materials from the sea. It’s shores are just covered with coral chips and hedge walls along the beach are made from larger chunks of coral.   Further inland, I found a house with some of its concrete “peeled” off revealing even house walls are made of coral. Fascinating!

There was a house for sale & I wondered if buyers check to see what their walls are made of. It looks like any other ordinary house; but then again, using corals as building material might be ordinary out here.

It is just a simple resort isle but being once part of the Dutch colony I guess some Indonesian culture/cuisine got brought over. I didn’t dare go in to try, in case it turned out to be a disappointment.

This island is saturated with Dive shops and centers.  Tough competition.  As we walked back to the jetty to catch our ferry,  I noted a slight change in pattern for this 1 house. Instead of corals, shells are used as building material for its walls.

Literally every trade had something to do with the sea.

While the father is fishing, the little boy is waiting and trying to sell some fish lying onshore and some in the cooler box.

A small touristy island, but at least I made an effort to find out what’s on it.