British Virgin Islands

Commonly known as The Virgin Islands.


Richard Branson owns a couple of islands there but I don’t know him to be invited onto his island 😀 so I stayed at a friend’s house on Virgin Gorda, in Spanish that means The Fat Virgin.

The 3rd largest island of  8 sq miles and with a central hill range that provides a beautiful view all round. How can anyone not love the scene?!


The house I stayed in was right along the water with a small boat deck. It’s kind of shielded by the trees.



I went to check out Tortola the main island which was filled with banks’ representative offices and accountants… the network of BVI’s once tax haven, but I prefer to be on The Fat Virgin.

That grey little all-in-one “government building” is really cute  😀 and is situated along the road going to my favorite restaurant/bar on the island ~ Pusser’s Leverick Bay.