Cambodia and the Angkor Wat (Khmer: អង្គរវត្ត)

angkor1一圖勝萬言 ~ A Picture is worth Ten Thousand Words … Chinese proverb

As we walked through history, occasionally sitting down for rest breaks, we looked at the gods and they looked back at us. Very good meditating ground, if you are in no hurry to cover the whole complex.



2.5 miles away on the hill at sunset, we could see the whole complex in twilight, just like in history… with no electrical lighting at all.

angkor5 Having walked & walked & walked, we did need to replenish our liquid deficiency. How can one be in Cambodia and not taste Cambodian Beer… right?

We decided to leave Cambodia by road … a new experience.  We took a 1.5hr taxi ride to Poipet, the border “town”… that main road is baaaad 😦 Cambodian Thai Border

Poipet actually sits/splits on the Cambodian border .

The Town

The Town

The cheapest way of bringing goods across the border

The cheapest way of bringing goods (especially used clothes & fruits) across the border; man-pulled carts.

They sat right at half-way point

Lunch vendors – They sat right at half-way point, about 500 ft after the passport processing building.

Bus to Bangkok

Bus to Bangkok ~ very comfortable  🙂