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Can’t See Eye to Eye…?

Did your contact lens pop out?
Did you fall and break your spectacles while girl/guy watching?
Looking for an optician, squinting, trying to read signboards?

Have no fear, you know there’s an optician right here!
Can’t resist sharing this on Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge. 😀


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 21, 2017

 An underground Mass Rapid Transit Rail-track
A historical building’s walkway
Escalators in the Museum

and an old road … but now a Highway
All in tropical Singapore
~ shared on Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – April 21st

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – April 2, 2017

What’s Left is not Right but
What’s Right is not always worth a fight … Right?

Just being a little Cushy …

Now that’s an Oddball matter of opinion, I think.  😕

Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge: Any Camera or Photographer

How can I possibly resist this Challenge? ~ Any Camera or Photographer.
Many a time when I take shots of people around, I wonder if others have taken candid shots of me.

Filming some choreographed dancers.

Filming some choreographed dancers.


Taking selfie, or should it be called welie?


Aiming up high.

Young Starter

Young Starter

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Sculptures, Statues, Carvings

I love taking photos of sculptures & statues … I guess one of the reasons is because I can go close and not get asked “Why are you taking my photo?” 😀
So how can I not join in the fun with Cee’s Photo Challenge?

St John Baptist de La Salle

St John Baptist de La Salle

Mr Monkey

Mr Monkey

I call this creation "Big & Small".

I call this creation “Big & Small”.

A floor slab of the old Trishaw.

A floor slab of the old Trishaw.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge ~ 2016 Week 43

Looking through some photos taken on my recent trip to Australia (and trying to recover from jet lag) I thought I’d share this rather cute banner, which caught my eye, on the side of a car in Perth. 😀


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge

ebonynivoryMy niece’s extended family members – Ebony and Ivory – yes, they do live together in perfect harmony, as the song goes.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 41

My small contribution to Cee’s Oddball Challenge, Week 41. This photo was taken last week in Hunter Valley, the wine region of Australia.