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My apologies …

Today, having completed WP’s Photo 101 course, I decided to tidy up my blog and clear SPAM. While going through the spam box, I found 4 nominations for various Awards tucked amongst real spam, some dated quite a while back. To make matters worse, I accidentally cleared everything & thus am not able to reply and apologize individually for not responding to the award nominations’ senders.

I have given it some thought and I don’t think I am in a position to answer so many personal questions (11, I think) and then think up another 11 for the next round & also source for 11 fellow bloggers who qualify, to keep these award-chains going.

Thank you for thinking of and including me in your blog circles. It’s really appreciated and I am truly honored, but I am sorry for not being able to participate in these award programs in a wholehearted way for lack of time. Your comments left will be true rewards for me. 🙂


A little note of Thanks …

Thank you @michelleweber, @siobhyb, @gracejiyoung, @andreabadgley and all on Blogging 101.  I have learned so much from this course and got to read so many neighbors’ blogs, which I would have otherwise not known existed.

This has opened my eyes that there are so many good, informative blog writers, photographers & designers in blogosphere.  I salute you all and hope to meet up again in other courses and from just browsing.

Be seeing you all …  😀

Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Create a New Posting Feature

Blogging 101 is suggesting a serial style post … but


Cat and Mouse

Blogging is to me a hobby
and I don’t want to add strife.
Setting posts’ deadline
is like playing cat & mouse
with time in real life.
The virtual blog-life of fun
is not fun with chores not yet done.

I want to sit down and tap the keys
when time feels right
and enjoy myself
with no digital deadline in sight.

Nah, I’ll skip it. 😎

Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Extend Your Brand

My blog's new Icon

My blog’s new Icon

I’m not sure if I have a Brand (yet) but since I’ve become an Accidental Beekeeper, I’m changing my icon to a Bee. Yes, that model bee is 1 of my bees in the hive.

And then, there is all that information to digest on Avatar & Bravatar so OK, I’ll try some changes because I can always switch back to what I had if I don’t like it, right?

I’m about to jump from the pot into the fire to find out what’s in store in those flames. 😯




Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Try (Another) Blog Event

Sometimes ignorance is bliss … sometimes, not always.
I didn’t even know what a Blog Event was until I checked  Community Event Listings and suddenly “Oops!”  I am already participating in some Events.  🙂

I just love participating in those organized by Cee’s Photography .
I have more time for blogging I will definitely look into The Daily Post Events calendar.

Blogging 101 Task: Add a New Page

Ah yes, the Page…pages

Blogging 101 Neighbors ~ This is a Post but I have added a Page.  See the Menu above?  There is Blogging 101 and if you point your cursor there, a Page appears (I hope!).

OR simply click this New Page as a shortcut  😀

Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Plug In to Social Networks

This task, I will skip.
My Facebook serves a different purpose and to put the 2 together would be … let’s say “an unhealthy over-exposure”.  😯



Today’s Blogging 101 Task: Content Loves Design

The Coraline theme which I’m using has standard fonts usage for Headings and Body Texts unless I pay for a Premium Plan.  That’s OK, because I actually like the Times New Roman font and it’s not so minute that it calls for having to squint to read, for any reader.

So …

Monkey Fingers NF Regular

Nightcap NF Regular

Ah yes, as the saying goes ~  chop
Different Strokes for Different Folks.

OK, enough clowning around, it’s been fun.   😉