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Blogging 201 – Day 7 & 8

Make the Most of Events & Make Your Blog A Hub ~

houseI am… I sure am making the most of (blogging) Events, i.e.  However, I will do only as much as time and real life events allow, without becoming a Blogoholic.  (The word Blogoholic does exist, just in case you think I’m pulling a fast one.)

It’s definitely good fun participating in a couple of Weekly Events and reading blogs I follow, as that helps to keep me in touch with what other bloggers are doing and what new features have surfaced. It also gives me a chance to read some very good posts on subjects I never knew I would develop interests in.

Temasek Garden is my digital hub … why? Because it is About Me and my integration with people, cultures and cuisines in a continent over 10,000 miles away from my birthplace, my childhood and half of my work-life. This blog began and still is a hobby so I will not be pushing to broadcast my brand (over massive multi-networks) just to drive traffic to my blog, as is promoted in Blogging 201 ~ hey! I’m not selling or marketing any service or ware, I’m just enjoying a hobby.

(This reminds me of an actual Event ~ after attending a semester of a subject, I felt it was time to choose a different major because the goal aimed for, in the course, and the means of attaining it was not what I anticipated.)

To all those making plans, organizing Events and implanting their blog Brands onto various multiple social platforms, I wish you the best of luck.  🙂



Blogging 201 – Day Six: Dig Deep into a Social Network

Ah yes, publicity, but … am I selling some product? Am I marketing my services on my blog? Not that I’m aware of.  So ~ that makes this assignment a little challenging.

LinkedIn cannot be In because that would involve my professional circle, or rather ex-professional circle. That has no bearing on my blog, heck, my ex-colleagues/co-workers might think I’ve gone a little delirious and wanting them to know to what extent. Compost has nothing to do with medical data systems.

My Facebook is reserved for family, relatives and very close friends… that’s why I have only 40+ Friends there. Why not 400? FB WMDBecause I can’t keep so many e-friends entertained by posting daily what I had for lunch, how I talked to my neighbor’s dog or who I would like to flirt with.
I have 3 Share-Buttons on my blog, Facebook being 1 of them, but I use that when sharing gardening updates with family. Fellow bloggers can share on their Facebook if doable and they would like to.

What else?  Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Reddit … I may/may not use them but to me those are just social networking sites used for different fields of interest.  My Fitbit friends wouldn’t be interested to know if I’m trying to grow coconuts or peanuts and neither would I want to publicize, on my gardening blog, that I’m going to do a 3 mile Fartlek, which incidentally has nothing to do with farting.  (By the way, Anthony Weiner tweeted about his wiener and see what happened?)

Do you see why I don’t and can’t bring myself to go all batty about random publicity? I’ll gladly share information and photographs with fellow bloggers because we’re on the same platform, with the same interest ~ Blogging.

Should I change my approach?  😕

Blogging 201 ~ Day Five: Make the Most of Your Archives

Today’s assignment: integrate a feature to draw traffic to your older content like a widget, related posts, or a “Best of” page.

web“Make the Most of your Archives” ~ Is that similar to “wipe dust off  your blog’s casket and open up” because your might find treasures in there? Should I dig and clear cob webs? Or get a widget to do it for me?

I’m about to find out …
One of my favorite blog challenges is Cee’s Oddball which has taught me – anything goes. I posted Oddball Photos without feeling odd, even though the subjects did seem odd when I took their photos.  Then again, travel photos which I thought were just nice keepsakes seemed to appeal to readers/viewers when I posted on WP Weekly Photo Challenge.  Not forgetting ~ Writing 101 Prompts actually got me thinking, thinking in a creative fun way without holdbacks, then punch the keyboard did I.

So, why is it that when I post something which I deem to be funny, it never draws traffic but random posts (like a diary entry) seems to do so? 😕    Go figure!

Adjustments forthcoming …



Blogging 201 ~ Day Four: Give ‘Em What They Want


“A picture is worth ten thousand words” ~ Chinese proverb

So, does it mean that on or by 11 am on Sundays, there should be a new post of the most popular subject, if possible?   *brain doing some thinking*

The most popular posts (and unexpected too) are tagged Pandan Propagation ~ without soil resulting from fellow bloggers’ and Google searches.  Why? I can only attribute it to the needs and wants of the S.E. Asian population who are now spread out globally. The plant that was once commonly found and cheap, thus taken for granted, used in wardrobes & cars as air freshener & cockroach repellent, in rice storage bins as bug repellent, in rice pots, savory dishes and desserts as aroma enhancers, etc. suddenly becomes rare and much needed. So, do I promote and post more about this plant?
*brain doing more thinking*

Back to the captioned ~ Krista mentioned an Editorial Calendar.
OK, I have to concede that that is actually a good idea as I have come to love impromptu and ad hoc deeds after leaving an overly orderly career and lifestyle of many decades. Maybe it’s time to exercise some sensible planning.

(Need more caffeine-juice* now, to decipher how this Editorial Calendar works.)
*thick black coffee ~ don’t worry, none of that psycho drug stuff.

Blogging 201 ~ Day Three: Get Read All Over

When I began my private diary of backyard progress, I tried different themes and had to learn a new language called “Bloglish”.  It took some slooow reading of WordPress for Dummies, borrowed from the library, to help me through the initial ordeal.  *Teeth Gnawing ~ Grrrr*

Then one day it suddenly dawned on me that not all themes are created equal. You know, like when you drive a Nissan truck, then ride a Harley Davidson, then hop on a Cherokee Jeep, then maybe pedal a Trek Bicycle? They all will get you where you want to go but they just need to be handled differently. Things just clicked. That’s when I tried each free theme on its own, for its own merits.

Different screen sizes

Testing tablet & smartphone screen appearance

I’m not saying my present theme is the best but I’ve been using Appearance, then Mobile on the Dashboard and trying different options and it seems to work ~ for now, I think.  So, fellow bloggers, if you see problems on my site, on the different screen sizes you may be using do let me know … pleeeze.

Blogging 201 ~ Day Two: Audit Your Brand

When I saw the subject for today’s post, I went to my blog and stared at it, yes, literally stared at it. Then questions flowed … OK, what can I change? Shrink the Menu? Enlarge the Fonts? Maybe show the Archives by month?

My Brand is my Domain, which is Temasek. It screams “ME” because that is the historic name of Singapore, the land of my birth, and Singapore is known as the Garden City, even the Biophilic City, so I just feel it’s in me ~ the greenery, the soil, the harvest which ends up on my dining table. I may be out of Singapore but Singapore is never out of me.

I not only looked at my blog from header to footer (as encouraged by Krista) heck, I even checked its midriff.  Conclusion ~ yes, I think the Gravatar needs a change since the subject isn’t about boating, though I do like that too. I think this “gardeny” one is more befitting, don’t you?

I won’t change my Brand name but I will change my Icon.  If Ronald McDonald can do it, I’ll give it a shot.  :mrgreen:


Blogging 201, Day One: Set Three Goals

I began blogging as a private diary to record the progress of my backyard being converted into an organized “forest” of edible plants. The goal then was to perhaps get to know others who have the same interest and learn more, share information and view pictures of how they set their plants. gdnAlong the way, I think, my goalposts got shifted and my scope broadened beyond my expectations. I learned more about photography, different styles of writing, thoughts of people from different walks of life … so it’s not just setting goals to get more readers or followers … to me Goal no. 1 of blogging is still to record the different stages of my “Edible Forest” development and share what I’ve learned from my experience with others of the same interest. I’ve actually made some friends from Goal no. 1, so it is semi-achieved.

Because I’ve gotten to see and marvel at what photographers can do, learned so much from a generous teacher/blog like Cee’s Photography, I’ve actually just gotten me a slightly more advance camera to see if I can actually take better photographs ~ so that is Goal no. 2.  Is that considered a Blogging Goal?  Indirectly yes, because I would like to take better (much better) pictures to share, be they of plants and insects around me or of trips I intend to make.

Goal no. 3 ~ to improve my writing style. I was never a marketing or an advertising person so I, frankly, would not know how to even sell water in the desert. Some bloggers have such a smooth style of putting words into sentences which can magnetize readers to read to the end of their long posts, even at bedtime with heavy eyelids. Can I achieve that? It will be as tough as learning to walk on water but Blogging 201 wanted me to set 3 Goals, right?