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My apologies …

Today, having completed WP’s Photo 101 course, I decided to tidy up my blog and clear SPAM. While going through the spam box, I found 4 nominations for various Awards tucked amongst real spam, some dated quite a while back. To make matters worse, I accidentally cleared everything & thus am not able to reply and apologize individually for not responding to the award nominations’ senders.

I have given it some thought and I don’t think I am in a position to answer so many personal questions (11, I think) and then think up another 11 for the next round & also source for 11 fellow bloggers who qualify, to keep these award-chains going.

Thank you for thinking of and including me in your blog circles. It’s really appreciated and I am truly honored, but I am sorry for not being able to participate in these award programs in a wholehearted way for lack of time. Your comments left will be true rewards for me. 🙂


Photo 101 ~ Day Twenty: Triumph & Contrast

I am, by nature, an introvert and for some strange reason, constantly discuss, debate and set standards for myself, within myself. So Triumph comes when I meet or exceed those invisible lines.

I feel triumphant when I cross the finish line of a marathon and I feel just as triumphant for having completed Photo 101 and learned so much along the way.

It brings so much joy when I “beat” winter’s chill & frost and manage to get my tropical fruits to reach full growth and ripen, just like they would in sunny Singapore. It’s a Gardener’s Obsession satiated.  :mrgreen:

As for Contrast ~ that is forthcoming because what is now Green will become all shades of Red to subdue my acute Tomatomania Syndrome.

So at the end of the day … Life goes on until the next Blogging University course or marathon I sign up with, not to compete but to complete, to experience my self-set definition of Triumph.

Photo 101 ~ Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation

I’d like to introduce you to my soon-to-be-born doppelgänger bunch. They’re still growing … and when matured, they will look like clones!!

Green Doppelgänger Bunch Landscape

Green Doppelgänger Bunch Landscape

Green Doppelgänger Bunch Portrait

Green Doppelgänger Bunch Portrait

Frankly, visually, I prefer the Landscape shot of these guys but when it comes to devouring them, it makes no difference. I always treat them equal when peeling. :mrgreen:

Photo 101 ~ Day Eighteen: Edge & Alignment

A straight vertical edge, which I would not want to lean too far out of, to find out about its alignment with the water level.

Clean-cut Straight Vertical Edge

A Vertical Edge

Photo 101 ~ Day Seventeen: Glass, Squared

I may be wrong but … with Cheri’s email mentioning “resulting in multi-layered and unexpected shots”, I am not going to interpret the word Squared as Glass cut into Squares but rather Glass2.

I took 3 shots from different angles of this scene and guess what? No one looked up at me & my camera, no one looked out at the scenery, no one even took a sip of their coffee (or whatever they had) during that timeframe. Each and everyone there was living their own story in their own world.

In their own Virtual World

In their own Virtual World

I guess this is part of the glass-tower lifestyle.


Photo 101 ~ Day Sixteen: Treasure & Close-up

The 1 thing I have treasured all my life and will probably die an early death should the world run out of it is:  Rice. I can go on nice long trips and devour all kinds of fancy cuisines but when I reach home, the 1st thing I knock up (even if it’s in the middle of the night) is Rice. Why? Beats me.

The fragrance of raw padi grains is subtle & rich.

The fragrance of raw padi grains is subtle & rich.

I can even eat it plain with soy sauce if the craving surfaces… but variety is the spice of my life’s Rice.

… and at other times ~ ketupat, congee, rice pudding, et al
Yeah, I treasure Rice because I’m a Rice-addict. :mrgreen:

Weekend Three: Hone Your Eye

Ok, I’ve got a confession to make.  I am simply obsessed with “motion: take pictures of one moving subject” as Cheri describes it in her e-mail.  Today I concentrated on my Bees In Motion but yesterday, I actually went out with my idiot-proof camera and tried my best to get a few shots of moving objects.

Do these qualify as being in Motion?

Bee In Motion

After learning about Motion on Photo 101, 3 days ago, I was determined to try to get a better, sharper shot of my Bees-In-Motion.  Finally …

Approaching ...

Approaching … Caught in Motion

This one even has full sacs on his hind legs (of pollen & nectar) to bring back to his Queen and larvae in the hive.