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WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Jubilant


Buddhist children after a lesson with their favorite nun.


DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

For many years, in Singapore, the hardworking “hawkers” or food sellers have been taken for granted ~ but not any more. Finally they are recognized and appreciated. Is this a dying trade? I hope not.


Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Face


WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Future of My Stone Age Appliance

Over the years (and I do mean decades!) I have seen changes beyond description of tools and appliances used in kitchens. From grandma’s days when she used charcoal in a clay stove and ground spice pastes with a granite mortar to today’s kitchens with gas & electric cooker-ovens and all kinds of food mixers/blenders, it’s like taking a slow walk through a time tunnel.

Do I have an electric oven cooker? Yes. Do I have electric food processors? Yes. It may seem absurd but I brought with me, over 12,000 miles, my precious stone age appliance knowing I will be needing it in the kitchen, no matter how up-to-date I bring my kitchen to.

It doesn’t come with a warranty and it never breaks down. It doesn’t need power to operate and it can be used for many, many more decades to come…

My Stone-Age Appliance

My Stone-Age Appliance

It always works!

It always works!

I kid you not, even the Flintstones will enjoy the aroma of spice blends coming out of this contraption. It certainly doesn’t involve rock(et) science. Yes, I did plan for the Future when moving to live in the US.

DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Lovebirds in Half Light

What I saw in Stillness and Half Light.

Lovebirds …
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” ~ unknown



DP Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind – Wandering and Wondering

I wandered and wondered …

Is he reminiscing? wondering? pondering?

Is he reminiscing? wondering? pondering?

Is one wondering what's in that bag? Is the other wonder about his spouse? children? grandchildren?

Is one wondering what’s in that bag? Is the other wondering about his spouse? children? grandchildren?

A state of mind, to me, is an elusive perception of thoughts, unspoken, unquestioned and unknown.

DP Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind





WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant ~ Little India

Vibrant are the colors of Little India in Singapore, especially during the Hindu Festival of Light ~ Diwali.




WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge: Vibrant

WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet


WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet


DP Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Weight(less)

Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Weightless

Spiderman’s Web(site) ~ Flopping in the wind this morning.
The micro-fine flimsy spider-silk, weightless but tough and strong enough to capture and hold insect preys for the spinner’s meal.