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Daily Post has inspired me to add this section to share some of my shots.

A Great Wall

I just thought I’d share a couple of photos of this great picturesque wall of a house I saw, along one of the coastal roads, in Cape Cod ~ of Cedar Shingles and Lobster Floats.

Simply Eye-catching!

Pretty Lobster Floats



Cape Cod ~ Chatham to Provincetown (Pt 1)

It’s still Spring (June 21 is the 1st day of Summer) and the northern hemisphere is supposed to be slowly warming up but it suddenly got warmer than usual in the short time when we were up in Cape Cod, yes, we were caught in a heatwave, a tropical heatwave… (like the Ella Fitzgerald song goes).

Nevertheless, we explored Provincetown and Chatham.
I found the buildings and little streets simply beautiful and filled with history and took some photos to share.

The Frying Pan Gallery

Door color matching road lines ~ strikingly charming.

Meeting House & Preschool (sideview)

The Front of the Meeting House & Preschool

Little street shops ~ see Ice Cream & Fudge? 😛


The Public Library – set up in 1895.

Old cart-wheel and driftwood furniture ~ probably an artist lives here.

Street serenity – no large buses, no bumper to bumper, no smog.

House with a garden (& path), right along the main road.

Another main road house with arty décor and a beautiful garden.

Restored old Fire Comfort Station, 189 Commercial St., Provincetown.

A side street with beautiful cedar-shingle buildings.

I kept wondering, while walking the streets and absorbing the beauty … when Summer and Fall ends, what does Winter bring?

Can’t See Eye to Eye…?

Did your contact lens pop out?
Did you fall and break your spectacles while girl/guy watching?
Looking for an optician, squinting, trying to read signboards?

Have no fear, you know there’s an optician right here!
Can’t resist sharing this on Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge. 😀

Street Photography ~ Street Food

On the streets of Penang – no kitchen; no fancy food court; no angst on my part.

Fried “Flat Rice Noodles” – from the back of a truck. Yes, she fried & I ate. Yum! Yum!

Steamed dumplings.

Fried Noodles and Blanched Noodles.

Street Fruit ~ to me, Street Art.

Built by a Jewish Merchant in 1928

I walk the streets of Singapore, each time when I’m back, with a different feel these days. I try not to take anything for granted. So when I saw the David Elias Building, I stopped, I observed, I approached…

David Elias Building

Note the significant Star of David at the top and along its sides. Built by Mr Elias, a Jewish merchant, in 1928 to house his trading company it just emits vibes of history.  It stands at the the junction of 2 main roads indicating a prime location.

The tallest point of its façade.

With the intermingling of races & religions over the years, I think ownership and tenancy has played a significant role in little addition(s) to this conserved historical building. From my brief observation, it shows ~ very subtly. I wish I had a reason/excuse to explore its interior but alas … 😦

Little mirrors attached.

Mirrors outside a building, placed in strategic locations, are used to deflect “poison arrows” in Feng Shui… other buildings’ pointed corners, roof edges, broken walls, etc., so this indicates a Chinese Feng Shui believer owns/rents some or all of this building now.

Down on the ground level, what else can there be but a food shop/eatery for us Singaporean food lovers.

Dual purpose blinds – block sun’s rays & advertise.

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Urban Loneliness?


They come down from their apartments to be with others, yet they sit quietly by themselves. They each know that there are others, like them, sitting there, yet they do not make conversation. The markings on the wall show that many heads have rested there. I stand watching, wondering what are they thinking about ~ the past? the future? family?

Is this urban loneliness?

It’s different on Sundays …

Singapore’s Wall Street ~ like any other all over the world ~ is a place of stress.  While on the streets, look at their faces, watch their walking paces, everyone is in a hurry.  Yes, been there, done that.

But on Sundays, it’s a whole different ballgame. A few will head back to the office for a short while to prepare for Monday, with no phone ringing, no colleague-chatter, plain peace. When done, without the usual crowd, the Singapore River and her shaded embankment actually exudes a peaceful karma.

The Fullerton Hotel ~ a business executive hotel.

The Fullerton Hotel ~ a business executive hotel.

Ample clean floor space for a private picnic.

Ample clean floor space for a private picnic.

Napping spot with no screaming kids, cellphone yammerers, loud music ...

Napping spot with no screaming kids, cellphone yammerers, loud music …

... and a mega hotspot ~ all yours.

… and a mega hotspot ~ all yours.

What better way to browse?

What better way to browse?

Jamaican Street Art

Just sharing some eye-catching street art photographed during my street walks.Jerk shop sidewall

Mexican restaurant wall

The Boy brass sculpture

Art of History

Wall in Campus

British Flag

Bird Man