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My confession: Born a Bookworm, I’ll die a Bookworm

Toby Hemenway

Yesterday was indeed a sad day for me.
The day before, I had hoped that all would end well but that was not to be.

Toby Hemenway, a permaculture guru, whom I have been following ardently passed away from pancreatic cancer.

I loved his style of teaching, his sense of humor and his superbly written books. Gaia’s Garden is 1 of the early books that gave me a push to garden the way I’m doing now.


Rest in Peace, Mr Hemenway … and thank you for all the information you’ve shared.


Vanastree Seed Saving

I just went to this site and watched a documentary which I found to be fascinating and educational. I have many Indian friends in Singapore but this aspect I never knew. Go to this link and watch how a group of Indian women (in India) got together, decided to save heirloom seeds, and became caring sisters-at-heart with no regard to the caste system.  Just awesome!

Vanastree Seed Saving

The also have a WordPress site.

Our Food Supply without Bees

Today’s Huffington Post has this glaring article with great pictures:

This Is What Your Salad Bar Would Look Like Without Bees (And Other Pollinators)

Click on the Link. Do read it.

I will printout copies and IF county officers or neighbors ask why we have so many native wild flowers growing in our yard, I will give them a copy without the need to utter more words.

Are you into Seed Saving?

One of the most informative books I have read on How, Why, When to save seeds.  If you are into Permaculture &/Or Organic Gardening, try to get your hands on this book ~ buy, beg, borrow … but please don’t steal! … and you will end up valuing your edibles, not harvesting all but allowing some to just live on & produce their seeds (& seedlings).

saving seed book

Harper Lee ~ the author who taught me about America

At the age of 14, I read To Kill A Mockingbird – on my own – before the school term began. We got our school book-list for the year and after purchase, science and maths and all others got cast aside but literature books were brought to my bedside. Why? I knoweth not.


To me, a sheltered schoolgirl from a tiny island republic called Singapore, this story happened somewhere in the big country called USA and the hero was a lawyer called Atticus Finch. Yes, I cried for Tom Robinson while reading in bed, and later our whole class cried for him too.  (Can you imagine 38 girls with red eyes and their handkerchiefs greeting another teacher for another subject? Poor teacher…)

From this book and later during lessons with our teacher’s foreword to each chapter I actually learned quite a lot about American history, their lifestyles, slavery and they even once had the North & the South. So they had more than just cowboys! It was simply eye-opening and triggered my interest in other authors like Mark Twain & Ernest Hemingway.

I am keeping my ears and eyes sharply open for Harper Lee‘s new book, new for publication but old from a mid-1950’s manuscript, ‘Go Set a Watchman‘ to come onto the market.


A superb book for Introverts…. yes, I’m an Introvert.
I socialize, I party, I join groups & render my services as a volunteer but when all is done ~ I’m hungry for quiet & still moments to re-build my “chi” ( 气 ) or inner energy.
I take walks into parks alone, I prefer to jog alone, I walk into restaurants and enjoy my meals alone, heck… I’ve done trips on the Eurail all over Europe, Greyhounded and backpacked all over the US & Australia on my own ~ so I’m not just an Introvert, I guess I’m a bit of a Loner as well.

Does that make me strange? I don’t think so, just different from those who can’t stop talking  🙂


Fascinating book I found in the library.bugbook
I never knew the insect world is so intriguing … no wonder there are Entomologists in this world.

The New Oxford Book of Food Plants – Vaughan & Geissler

A 1997 update of the 1967 version. IMHO a priceless, informative guide…. and this happens to be my book, not an ad.

I saw an old (ancient actually) version at the local library and decided to get my own.