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Around my Kampong

Hay, Hay, Hay, it’s Magic… ♪

It’s that time of the year.
It’s time to “repair” the path around the house and we use hay. So I drove to a feed-shop (yes, not a home repair or DIY store) to get my fix-it material. For USD8.50 a year, which is the cost of a bale of hay ~ half laid on now & half for filling up later when needed, how wrong can you get?

2″ of spread out hay

No needle in this haystack, hay path, whatever you may call it…

I am no guru of Permaculture but I’ve come to the conclusion that trial and error is the best means to find out what works (& what doesn’t) on one’s own miniscule plot of land. So far, our hay path works well. :mrgreen:


New Neighbors of Color

We have new neighbors! The colorful kind ~ ah yes, a new couple ~ I call them the ‘new birds on the block’ and they’re the Painted Bunting Family.  I first saw them a week ago but *sigh* had no camera in hand.

This morning, as I quietly sat by the back patio steps, Mr. P. Bunting came for his breakfast.

The Painted Bunting

The Painted Bunting

We made eye contact.

We made eye contact.

Is that an element of trust?

Is that showing a little bit of trust?

To me, he simply looks like an artist’s painting palette. In the days to come I hope Mrs. Bunting joins him for breakfast and allows her photo to be taken.

Was it because of the Full Moon?

or Summer Solstice?

The nocturnal animals were having a “wail” of a time partying last night in my backyard. It was 3.30 a.m. and their wailing simply got louder and louder like a banshee style screaming alarm clock. It was 10 times louder than normal and I’m not kidding!

I finally decided to get my camera, went out the backdoor and recorded the sound effects of their crazy “moonshine” party.

I had no choice but to close the windows and wondered if these night partying animals were actually affected by Solar and/or Lunar peaks. Even with windows closed, I now bear the brunt of their noisy partying ~ puffy eyebags & bloodshot eyeballs ~ while they are in their states of blissful slumber.

Ever experienced a boozeless hangover? 😦

♫ Raindrops Keep Falling on Their Heads…

It has been raining continuously on alternate days, the cold fronts have come & gone with more anticipated since it’s (supposed to be) winter. Guests have also come and left, hopefully having enjoyed their visits.

While tidying the porch, with the rain falling at a steady pace, I noticed my neighbors simply lying down, without a care in the world, enjoying their meal in the rain. What better time to take break … so with umbrella in 1 hand and camera in the other … I went to get a better view.

Didn’t bother to head for shelter … what a life!

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Many of us use that proverb to actually mean:  Make the most of an opportunity while the chance is there.  Not all of us even get to see hay, what more making it … ah, but at this stage of my life, I see it 1st hand being made regularly in summer.

But summer is over, the weather is cooling down and before the days get shorter, my neighbor makes real hay so that his cows and horses have food for chilly winter.

Tall grass is trimmed and left to dry in the sun.

Tall grass is trimmed and left to dry in the sun.

How he designs his cutting pattern ~ only he knows.

The grassy fragrance … wow!

The grassy fragrance ... wow!

How he designs his cutting pattern ~ only he knows.

It's quite a sight.

It always seems to go smoothly; nothing ever goes haywire 🙂

I can just sit and watch the process and not sneeze because hay does not necessarily cause hay fever.  Hay fever is an allergic reaction to air-borne particles which might be pollen, fungi, dust, etc.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy a bale of hay!

Update (10/16/15):  Oh yes, I am now the happy owner of a bale of hay ~ ready to mulch “everything”. (It will probably last me more than a year!)DSCF4247


It’s The Calving Season!!

I did not need to entertain my guests … my neighbors did that for me. Each morning they excitedly counted the number of calves on the grassy ground. These are at least a week old because I think my human neighbors now have a “maternity ward” for their bovine pets and guide them there when they go into labor.

I call this one 'Beigey'.

I call this one ‘Beigey’.

Beigy having breakfast.

Beigey having breakfast.



I guess Brownie has had his/her feed and now it's mum's mean time.

I guess Brownie has had his/her feed and is now resting & sunbathing.

Visitors in Marital Spat

Early this morning, as I sat at the picnic bench on our side patio, admiring the sunrise,  appreciating the cool, clean air, listening to bird chirps and the rustle of leaves ~ then in came my visitors.

He came in first and indulged in the goodies laid out.

Gentleman first ... he must have been hungry.

Gentleman first … he must have been hungry.

Suddenly he hopped onto a Seagrape shrub just below and I could hear some angry chirping. Yes, it was real bird anger.

The visitors

The visitors ~ she was mad at him.

Can you see the anger?

Can you see the anger? the frown lines?

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Bullsh*t! I kid you not…

My neighbour has brought the Bull in to their ‘arena’, which happens to be right across the road from our driveway. It’s that summer “Ole!” time again.

Sweet-faced Bull

Sweet-faced Bull

He is not at all like the mean Bull in front of the NY Stock Exchange. In fact he looks kind and gentle and definitely not the bullying type.  Oh yes, we will be viewing a bullish sentiment for a month or two.

Sweet Young Bull

This sweet young thing is going start a Bull Run soon.