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DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up (Take 2) Don’t Get Bamboozled

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”

It is such a nice warm brown shade, so furry, so strokeable … is it my new pet?

Nice sheen & warm chestnut brown

Nice sheen & warm chestnut brown

Nice texture of fine fur

Fine textured fur, right?

So, what is it?
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My Bamboo Curtain Saga

While posting about my Bamboo chair, it reminded me that I have Bamboo growing in my Asian Corner. The Bambusa Oldhamii.
(The word Bamboo comes from Bambusa which is from Bambu, originating from the Kannada people of S. India whose language can be traced back to 300 B.C.)

We acquired our 2 teeny-weeny 14″  bamboo pieces from an undeveloped lot & stuck it in a small pot. It took almost 6 months to come alive & bear miniscule leaves. 1 day in spring we decided to put them into the ground to see what would happen. Nothing till mid summer, then more & more leaves began appearing from these skinny 14″ bamboo pieces. 1 day all the leaves disappeared without a trace! No dried leaves on the ground, no remnant bits. For a month, each time we saw small leaves appear then 3 days later, not a leaf left. Those 2 pathetic vertical things really looked like those disposal chopsticks from Chinese takeaways!

1 early morning we found a group of wild rabbits gathered around, enjoying their tasty home grown “chop-suey”. (Speak of feeling bamboozled!)
Out came leftover of my cheap plastic fence which I had used as bean support, and used it as a protective barrier.

Bamboo Babes in their little protected "cage".

Bamboo Babes in their little protected “cage”.

Then the growing really began ….
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