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Choy Sum 菜心 (Chinese Flowering Cabbage)

In Singapore, I used to just go to the “wet markets” or even supermarkets and simply pick up a bunch of Choy Sum (literally translated to mean Vegetable Heart), pay for it and have my favourite vegetable in hand for cooking.

Now it’s a different ballgame ~ local supermarkets do not sell Choy Sum and the only shops that do are Asian Grocery Shops, the closest one to me is 32 miles away so I grow them. I found their seeds, by accident, when browsing in a shop in Mini-Vietnam, Orlando.

Growing them has changed my perspective of this simple ‘low-priced’ vegetable. It has such beautiful flowers which bees love & the seed pods are, to me, like beaded embroidery.

Blooms you don't see on market purchased ones.

Fully opened blooms you don’t see on market purchased ones.

Seeds in Pods arranged uniformly.

Seeds in Pods arranged uniformly.

… and from those seeds, come the next generation of that simple vegetable, Choy Sum.

The new seedling.

The new seedling.

I do not uproot them during harvest, I just cut-off leaves, enough for a meal-dish. They just know when to reproduce, stop growing & make way for the next generation. I do not even need to re-sow, Mother Nature decides.