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Dillweed BBQed Salmon


Dillweed in season

Dillweed goes very well with Salmon ~ as well as Rum with Coke!

To introduce homegrown fresh Dillweed flavor to a foreign visitor, we did a simple barbecue dish where everything was thrown in and cooked on the same charcoal grill but spaced to different time lengths and in different ‘utensils’ or sort.

Freshly cut dill leaves over salmon

Freshly cut dill leaves over salmon

Control the distribution of this herb by scissor-cutting over the fish. (Cut with a knife on a board and it tends to clump.)

We also thought it would be ‘cool’ to introduced the taste of (almost unheard of to my guest) Green Tomatoes ~ though not Fried Green Tomatoes , as in the traditional Food of the South (of the US).  Of course not forgetting Corn!

So the Corn was first on the charcoal grill (Weber ~ invented by that genius Mr George Stephen!) since it took the longest, followed by all others after 15 minutes.

Dinner in the making

Dinner in the making …

Smoke away! No briquettes for me, I use real charcoal for stronger heat and shorter cooking time ~ just my preference.

Weber ~ heat & smoke control device  :D

Weber ~ heat & smoke control device 😀

And that’s it!  Sit back, relax, enjoy a cool drink and dinner will be ready all in one-go.

To the table on a BBQ grill basket.

To the table on a BBQ grill basket.

All that is needed now … some butter for the corn, lemon wedges for the fish, self-serve salt and pepper and “Bon Appetit!”