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It’s been a Long, Hot (& Dry) Summer

It’s been warmer than usual and the plants are not happy (at all)!
Global warming? Who knows … I’m not an expert and only exist on this nano spec of the globe with a backyard that has been and is still being roasted.

I chose the lesser of 2 “evils” … let everything grow, like a wild forest, because if the tall ones can survive the heat, they’ll provide the lower plants some shade.

It’s just wild!

It’s a real forest.

Survival of the Fittest.

The harvest has not been good either ~ oh! those poor plants ~ but …
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The Shoo-shoo Bush a.k.a Devil’s Fig

Yes, I grow this voodoo sounding plant. It’s actually part of the Aubergine family and to my knowledge the “fruit” is commonly used in Thai curries (Thais call it Makua Puong) and in Jamaican dishes (they call it Susumber).

also called the Pea Eggplant

also called the Pea Eggplant

It is an acquired taste and I’ve read that many have tried them and found them … strange.  I do not have a large variety of recipes using this “fruit” but from experiments I have found a way to reduce their strangeness. (More of that in another post.)

Beware when you see this plant and get curious enough to want to examine closer. It’s going to be a thorn in your side ~ maybe even your center!

Leaf surface

Leaf surface

Leaf size

Leaf size

It’s a thorny issue but the pros outweigh the cons. It is a perennial and gives partial shade to other plants and the soil during hot summers. In winter, just chop-&-drop them to enrich the soil and they will regrow in Spring. I allow them to get to about 6-7ft tall so they add volume to ‘bare’ spaces.

It is my intention to try real Jamaican dishes with Susumber when I visit Jamaica next month (& get recipes if they taste good). Readers, if you know of any Permaculture or Organic farms which I can visit, without signing up for lengthy lessons/courses, do please let me know. Thanks in advance.  🙂

Size Matters ~ Unrelated to Writing 101

Matters regarding Size or Size actually does Matter? Baffling syntax of the English language and how/what each mind interprets can be eye-opening.

Backyard eggplant

Backyard eggplant

In my case (this present post), it’s a challenge with myself to beat the record I set last year of the largest and heaviest Eggplant grown in my backyard ~ almost 2 lbs.  This year with a warmer than normal Spring, they are hurrying to ‘ripen’ before full size and are now only about 1¼lbs avg.

Does anyone, who’s into Permaculture or Edible Gardening, know how I can slow down the ripening process or prevent browning and/or splitting?  Advice will be truly & greatly appreciated.

You see? In this mad self-challenge, the Size of the Eggplants do Matter … to me.


Eggplants … the last few from this summer

Called Eggplants in the US; Aubergines in ex-British colonies and Bringjal in Singapore (& other parts of Asia), my plants grew from seed and they have borne a good crop this year.

Almost but not quite ready...

Almost but not quite ready…

Nice & big, good in curries, pasta sauce & masak pedas.

Nice & big, good in curries, pasta sauce & masak pedas.

Alas I will not be here to harvest the last one but ….

The last few cute baby eggplants will be left for my caring neighbour to harvest.

these will be left for my caring neighbour to harvest.

Grow and share ~ why else would Mother Nature allow these plants to keep bearing fruit despite my thinking they bore their last ones last month.

What on earth is Asian Eggplant…?

I called it Bringjal ~ the commonly used name in Singapore. This name originates from the Portugese word Berinjela. The other name (brought to Asia by the British) that is sometimes used in Asian recipe books is Aubergine which comes from the Arabic word Al-bāḏinjān.


2-toned Asian Eggplant

resting on "protective plate"

resting on “protective plate”


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