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Grapes’ Gripe

What does one do when the squirrels are once again toying around and simply destroying your grapes, not giving them a chance to ripen? Is there a reason why Ma Nature created these destructive beings?

My daily morning find *ggrrr*

Bagging my tomatoes to prevent critter damage has been successful so far, so in desperation, I have decided to bag some of the grapes which I have spotted and are within my reach. Will the bags act as camouflage to their visual perception?

Bagged grapes

Bags galore

In case any reader knows of better ways to outsmart those darn squirrels, please offer advice/share information with this bag lady.


Grapes along our South Border

Last year we built a trellis for our Carlos Bronze Muscadine grapes and the county clean-up crew came and chopped off all our 1 year old Grapes. We didn’t know if  it was from ignorance or …. ‘blindness’. We didn’t judge.

Our grape trellis with the grapevines growing.

Our grape trellis with the grapevines growing.

Those Muscadine Grapes are growing/vining again, fast, so we had no choice but to create a border that is screaming its presence.

Red ribbons tied

Red ribbons tied

The LOUD Bordker Marker

The LOUD Border Marker


We are determined to save our Muscadine Grapes this year so we went 1 step further today. We actually marked the border of our property with a “loud” indicator of sort.

It’s physically there, so it screams our border. Right?

I even had to hang a tag, just in case, with an English/Spanish message.


It speaks Loud and Clear, I think.

It speaks Loud and Clear, I think.

Yes, we are getting desperate with all this  unannounced and unnecessary cutting of supposedly county land.

More to be done tomorrow when the clean-up crew is resting. It’s very unfortunate that county officials are so “edible gardening” ignorant/unfriendly.


What can squirrels do to grapes?

They can wreak havoc!!  Cute as they are, they can be merciless when they find easy food. Instead of finishing “grape by grape” they just literally pluck, nibble, spit & discard.

Squirrels' Mess!

Squirrels’ Mess!

Yeah, they found our ripening Muscadine Grapes and ‘Attack of the Squirrel Squad’ has begun. I’m not sure how others handle this. I don’t mind sharing some with Mother Nature’s creatures but this is crazy! They’ve destroyed almost half of the fruits on the vine.

No choice. I’ve decided to put an old netting over the arbor – anything out of the netting the squirrels can have, those below I hope will be left to ripen for me, the grower.

My Grapevine Protection Suit.

My Grapevine Protection Suit.

Will these squirrels be like Aesop’s hungry fox? … who couldn’t reach his targeted grapes and decided they were sour grapes & not worth his effort? Yes, I hope Mother Nature will allow me to have some nice, sweet, ripe Muscadine Grapes to munch on with my breakfast cereal.

Semi-ripe grapes left under my Muscadine Net.

Semi-ripe grapes left under my Muscadine Net.

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Muscadine Grapes are ripening!

Yeah!!  August is around the corner & the grapes are showing signs of ripening. I had wondered ~  if there’s all this talk about global warming, shouldn’t they be ripening sooner?

Only just beginning to ripen...

Only just beginning to ripen…

Green, green grapes of home.

Green, green grapes of home.

The volume of fruits hanging from our back arbor is double that of last year so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and wondering… will we be able to knock up a couple of bottles of Muscadine wine perhaps? 😀

Preparing for a New Hobby

The rain (or storms rather) came, the soil got moistened. We waited for more summer downpour so that it would actually soak through the hard dry earth in the south-side of the property. After more than 6″ of rain, we felt the time was right.

ImageOur Pole Project began.  5 heavy anti-termite poles were put 3ft into the ground along our back property border.  We even used concrete to ensure stability and allowed it to sit in the rain for 2 ‘wet’ days.

Finally the wires got strung in (2ply) and were tightened to a firm horizontal level. Then holes were dug with lots of organic fertilizer thrown in and in went 4 Carlos Bronze Muscadine plants with string supports.

Now it’s time to feed them like crazy till they bear fruit, hopefully next summer and more the year after. Then we will embark on a new hobby.
Wine Making!  😀