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Green Green Kales of Home

The different types of Kale or Borecole (originating from the Dutch word Boerenkool or Farmer’s Cabbage) are growing in full Spring force and I am trying hard to “eat with the season” so to speak.

For today’s Brunch, I’m using Curly Kale as a substitute of what I grew up with, Kai-Lan (Chinese Kale 芥蘭)  and cooking that Chinese style, with Sesame Oil, Garlic, Ginger & Rice Wine, then adding Braised Beef prepared yesterday with the same ingredients.

Some Singapore Style Fried Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli) goes well with this.

… and now, I’ve got to think of what to harvest for Dinner.


Lacinato Kale

An Italian kale supposedly a perennial when grown in Florida. I am about to find out if that is so. These 2 plants have survived winter of 2013 and I’ve seeded another 4 in March (end winter) so we’ll see if they survive summer.


Trying a new “snack” recipe of Kale Chips, using Sea Salt & Rice Wine Vinegar.

Turned out very well, excellent snack with cold beer!!