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Romaine Lettuce Bolting

Yes, 3 Romaine Lettuce plants have been left to Bolt.  They look like weeds, don’t they?

Bolting lettuce

Bolting lettuce

These will self-pollinate & seeds will be ready in 2-3 weeks for collection/sowing.

The leaves will now be too tough and bitter for salads… But! I can always use them in Asian dishes like Sambal Stir-fry.

The main purpose, though, is to collect seeds from 2 and to allow self-sowing by 1.  Then come Spring, I will have another round of fresh Lettuce for my favorite green dish of Ceasar Salad and at the end of next Summer, I will have lots of seeds to sow for Fall and Winter Lettuce supply.

Then to allow a new bolting process again …


Cool Weather Greens

Our visitors left today, after a lunch of  smoked salmon on toast and Caesar Salad. It makes me smile when I see looks of shock that I’m actually growing vegetables. I guess those who have known me while I was working in a high floor office of a fast-paced institute could never have foreseen me ‘digging dirt’.

But they did get to taste super fresh veggies … from the garden, to the kitchen, to the table.  😀

Romaine Lettuce for Ceasar Salad & young Collard Greens

Romaine Lettuce for Ceasar Salad & young Collard Greens