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Lychee (荔枝)

Sometimes spelt Litchi, or in Mandarin phonetics Lizhi, is a fruit I love. Commonly sold, when in season, in Southeast Asia but alas I have only seen them in Asian stores in Florida and many a time, not as sweet as their Asian “sisters”.  Below is a borrowed a pic from Organic Facts.


BUT … a couple of months ago, I saw some really nice looking ones so decided to get some and they were so sweet & juicy I couldn’t believe it. Drove 32 miles back the next day to the Asian produce store and they were all gone. 😥

Nevertheless I decided the seeds were worth saving (more for fun growing than for fruit harvest, said to take 7-10 years) so into a dumpster-retrieved papier-mâché tray they went, with some seed-starting mix. Not all germinated but …

8 week old Lychee seedlings

8 week old Lychee seedlings

7" tall with happy seed-leaves

7″ tall with happy seed-leaves

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