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Red Asian Chillies … at long last *sigh*

I have had to use ‘substitutes’ for my simple love of Asian Chillies (yeah, I’ve had to give it a name). Yes, I’ve had to use Jalapeno, Habanero, Guajillo, Serrano … the list goes on. Why are there no simple Asian Chillies here? The ones that are cut up and put in soy sauce, the ones you find in wet markets, supermarkets, hawker centers ~ everywhere, in Singapore, why are they so rare here?Image


chilli - red & ripe!OK, desperate me finally got my Malaysian friend to send me some seeds, and planted them I did. It’s summer, so I guess the Asian Chilli plants feel comfortable now to produce fruit & I feel gratified. I will never again waste cut chillies from the hawker stalls, whether in little dip-plates or in little tied up plastic bags, I will eat and chew every molecule of that flavorful hot-stuff.

chillies in dip bowl - yummy.What one loves & misses, one will appreciate 10-fold when next in hand … or should I say in mouth.


Weapon of Mouth Destruction

What do you do when you have teeny weeny (Bird’s Eye) peppers growing all over your front yard?  You harvest them of course and see if you can concoct something which you can use as a lethal weapon.


I protected my hands with surgical gloves (didn’t want to die in the process) and did the unthinkable. I pickled the whole lot with shallots, garlic, capers, all the stinking, mouth searing stuff I could find in the kitchen.


Now, to see whether the glass casing stays intact till it is time to open up (about 4 weeks) or will it self-detonate from the brine and lactic acid combo.