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The Cucurbitaceae Family

Yes, it’s a long family name. Pumpkins, squash, gourds … all in the C family.

It’s been a warm Fall but finally cooling down a little though it feels like Spring more than Winter. Since The Boy or El Niño has kept the last 2 months warmer than usual I decided to ignore planting times on seed packets, just out of curiosity. Well, curiosity did not kill the plants, at least not yet.

Today, the blossoms bloomed. In the past they didn’t time themselves very well ~ the males & the females i.e. ~ but today they kind of alerted me that ‘love is in the air’.

Mr Pumpkin

There’s Mr C. Pumpkin

The loaded stamens

and the loaded stamens

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Combo Food (crops) in a Pot

This year I decided to try Multi-Companion Planting in Containers. I’ve seen all kinds of floral plants beautifully combined in pots at nurseries, on home patios, balconies and indoors ~ so why not try with edibles, I asked myself.

This is Pot No. 1 and the Squash is preparing to bear fruit, though I have already been cutting some leaves off the Collard Green for cooking.

Companion planting in a 5-gal container.

Companion planting in a 5-gal container ~ Collard Green, ‘Tree Tomato’, Summer Squash & Clover

Squash can share my patio bench or climb ~ its choice.

Squash can share my patio bench but if it gets crowded, I’ll make a trellis with little gourd cradles so they can grow & hang vertically.

Male Squash bloom with lots of pollen

Male Squash bloom with lots of pollen

Female ready to 'bear fruit'.

Female buds ready to bloom & hopefully ‘bear fruit’.

I squashed my last Squash

Ah yes… the last Butternut Squash of the season, sadly hanging from the trellis.

Lonesome Squash

From the garden … to the kitchen … Butternut Squash
Squash stew-a-simmering
… to the tableSquash Stew
I decided to make Squash Masala Stew.  3/4 got cut into bite-sized cubes but a 1/4 chunk got scooped out of the pot when softened and mashed with a potato masher & put back in. I sauteed diced onions with Garam Masala in olive oil until fragrant & added to the pot together with carrots, broccolli, peas, mushrooms and coconut cream. Simmered for 20 mins and laced it with white-wine. A bit of fried shallots as garnish and flavoring… & it all went down with fresh baguette.