About Me

East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet (Rudyard Kipling) … BUT I’m from the East and now live in the West. 🙂 I hope to bring what I have known in the East to share with friends & acquaintances in the West … & to live, eat & love in cultural fusion. Thus, when vegetables which I love (& have taken for granted) can’t be found in stores & supermarkets around me, I guess I have to learn to grow them myself and along the way, also learn about different soils, climate and native vegetation.

Read on … since you’ve come this far  😀

The Beginning of my Gardening Mania

The Building that allowed the Mania to Grow

The Shell that Came to Life

My Unique Asian Requirement

Email:  Pekebun@temasekgarden.com