Japan ~ Tokyo

The icon of Japan ~ Mt Fuji (富士山)

Japan uses the Kanji, (Japanese term for Chinese characters) when writing about Mt Fuji because of the 2 countries’ history; and 富 means wealth while 士 means plenty.   😀

The next most talked-about Tokyo feature is the Bullet Train which zooms around at an average speed of 175 mph. Funnily, when onboard you hardly feel the speed but if speed makes you giddy, don’t look out the windows.

Japanese houses fascinate me – small, neat and just very culturally distinct.


Window Shopping is a must in the Shinjuku area; the decor, window dressing and polite sales assistants are simply unbeatable. We just walked & walked & walked ….

And when the feet got tired we wandered into Hibiya Park. The sight in Fall, when we were there was simply breathtaking.

No boomboxes, no loud talking, no screaming kids, no flying frisbee, no bugs! … just the peaceful sound of water flow from a single fountain & soft bird chirps. Sheer serenity!

The  Sensoji Temple in Asakusa began as a small temple in 628AD which makes it the oldest temple in Tokyo. It was destroyed in WWII and was rebuilt (as it is today) as a symbol of peace and re-birth.

I threw coins into the wishing bowl and made some wishes ~ do what the locals do, won’t hurt.

  One of the shrines along the back street we took to exit the temple.

Then of course, being in Tokyo I just had to step on the soil of Mt Fuji, right? … so we undertook that much-needed iconic Tokyo mission.

Mission Accomplished!!
No, I didn’t trek ~ took the tram up, exiting level by level to view Tokyo aerially, and there on the 3rd level I got my wish … to feel Mt Fuji’s snowflakes on my face!  🙂

Saw this signboard on 1 of the tram stations on Mt Fuji. Interesting (a little Lost in Translation, I guess).

The sun was setting fast and announcements were made to head downhill. Down we went & caught the bus back to Tokyo where we got to view Mt Fuji from another angle.

On our last night in Tokyo, we did not wander but simply sat by our window, 1st with our chilled Sapporo Beer, then with some udon & sashimi and sipped warm saké ~ looking at the lights (& its occasional change) of Tokyo Tower…. for we knew we would be heading to Narita Airport in the morning & bidding  “Sayonara” to this beautiful place ~ till our next visit.