Mother Nature

Be it Mother Nature or Mother Earth, or Greek goddess Gaia, or Hindu goddess Dewi Sri… it all points to the pre-historic acceptance of  worship of  that Power that produces Soil, Atmosphere, Light and Water.  From those 4, Food arises to feed the Living.

In the very, very early days, us human beings simply gathered uncultivated plants for food and medicinal healing.  Then came agriculture and people cultivated & grew what they needed, closer to home.

Well, I’m a half-way person, between a gatherer & a grower. I throw seeds & let Mother Nature show me what sprouts & grows well & what does not. Then I let them re-seed & grow again.  My hope is to have a partially organized Food Forest giving me what I like to eat, what I can use & what will help shelter my humble house from the Sun & Hurricanes.