New York City ~ Singapore Day 2012

 This Event was just not to be missed.  So close & yet so far…. 1,150 miles away.  Oh well, that’s better than 10,400 miles away so, fly up, go have my dose of  Char Kway Teow & Carrot Cake, what the heck!

Got a hotel room close to the back entrance of Prospect Park, Brooklyn & this was the 1st scene of what was going on. Literally laying the groundwork. Quite a big project.


Then I met 1 of the organizers, all I could do was thank him & his fellow team mates for making this happen.



Checking things out in my eagerness to be sure I knew the entrance for tomorrow.




The Opening

There it was, the opening morning & I was about to meet fellow Singaporeans!  😀  Entering the MRT again! It did make me feel a little homesick.  Strangers yet fellow countrymen & women… their accent was music to my ears.

Queueing (yes, queueing!) for your food.  Chicken Rice!

Sit, eat, chat and enjoy! Oh yes, some of the girls from my Facebook scene were there too. If it comes to the US again, I’ll definitely fly to wherever & join in again.