New York City

I find NYC a super place to visit and I’ve been here many times, taking long flights, before moving to live in the US. The shops, Broadway shows, different boroughs, different cultures … a never ending massive city of intrigue.

Wall Street ~ Everyone knows Wall Street!

and of course the Stock Exchange.   But I don’t think many have stopped to talk to members to find out more about what this “Occupy Wall Street” movement is all about.

The Bull (more loved that the Bear)

Yes, I’ve even done the New York Marathon… but not again, the chill when on the bridges, is beyond my level of comfort.  Good experience though. Brrrr….

When 9/11 Memorial was close to completion I told myself, a visit is a must. Yes, I made it!

The sound of the water, the feel of the engravings of names on stone, the red roses placed at various spots, it was awesomely captivating.

Then I saw this smart city bird utilizing the Biggest Man-made Bird Bath  🙂

I did go into St. Paul’s Chapel, simply to pay my respects to all who helped & rested here during the 9/11 crisis and to marvel that it survived without even 1 broken window.